Albert B Melone Co., Certified Public Accountants




In our Accounting and Controllership Services Group, Albert B. Melone Company can step in and act as your full time Chief Financial Officer or Controller.

In this capacity, we will oversee your day to day accounting operation, work with upper management and the Chief Executive Officer on strategic decision making, work with your banks and insurance companies, and perform all the other responsibilities of the Controller or CFO in your Company.

Albert B. Melone Company can also be engaged on a specific project basis.  For example, we can oversee new system implementations to ensure that your needs are being met, the proper accounting controls are in place in the system, and the system is functioning as expected.  Additionally, similar to our SDBM line we can be engaged to review your current financial processes such as the Revenue and Receivables Cycle to your Inventory and Production Cycle.




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